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I also make wedding things!!

So for a while I have had the idea that I would very much like to start doing wedding decorations, I have been making things for a long time and am currently doing decorations for a couple of friends' upcoming weddings. I'm really enjoying it and I think I'm being quite good at it!!


The idea is that I can make stuff for people, or I can show you how to make stuff, or a mix of both. I also seem to be quite good at helping folks work out what is is they want in the first place; it is easy to get drowned in Pinterest pages and not actually see what it is from each one that you would like and feasibly have. I like to sit down with people to go through all the ideas they have, narrowing down what's possible, going away and testing stuff and then showing them how they can make them.


If that sounds like something you would be up for please let me know. I think to start with I would charge £20 an hour for meetings and £15 for making. A workshop would be around £100 depending on how long and how many people, This is all flexible at the moment as I'm just starting out.


Please use the contact form to get in touch. 

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